Medical Malpractice

Leonard J. Birbrower, represented the newborn and his mother for a birth trauma resulting in cerebral palsy settling their cases during jury selection with an immediate lump sum payment and monthly life annuity payments that projected to a total of $5,736,000. The doctors, nurses, hospital were all from Rockland County.

School Negligence

A 14-year-old Rockland County high school student lost her little finger when her ring caught on a hook of a folding bleacher stand. Leonard J. Birbrower obtained a lifetime structure settlement with guaranteed payments providing for a college fund and monthly income for life with a twenty-year certainty and deferred cash payments at ages 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45. The payment guarantee totaled $1,191,000.

Automobile Accident

A head-on collision caused a teacher to sustain multiple fractures of her legs and arms requiring several operations. On the day jury selection was to begin, Leonard J. Birbrower settled the case for $1,240,000.00

Products Liability

A gas grill exploded causing a Rockland County woman to sustain severe burns of her body. The grill proved to be defective in its design and manufacture. A settlement was obtained by Leonard J. Birbrower after extensive discovery and expert examination in the sum of $1,242,000.00.

Products Liability

A 21-year-old single man who was scheduled to marry his pregnant fiancée was killed when a tire rim exploded. His fiancée gave birth to his daughter six months after his death. His death was instant from the explosion. After extensive discovery the matter was settled for $1,482,000.00.

General Negligence

Two brothers, three and ten, sustained burns to their bare feet when they walked through discarded charcoals from a grill being used at a Church fair. Structured settlements for each totaling $1,500,000.00, was obtained by Leonard J. Birbrower, after extensive discovery and prior to jury selection in Rockland County.

Medical Malpractice

A 56-year-old man was discharged from a Rockland County Hospital with a diagnosis of having had a heart attack and returned two days later with the same symptoms. He was readmitted, however, he was not placed on any heart monitor nor given any appropriate medications, he died during the evening. A settlement was obtained in the sum of $475,000.00 prior to jury selection.